do u ever look at gorgeous people and just cry

or rich people and cry even harder

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Betty Blue (1986), Jean-Jacques Beineix
I need a hug or an orgasm. Unknown  (via guccier)

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All negative actions are motivated by delusions, which in turn arise from self-cherishing. First we develop the thought, “I am important,” and because of this we feel that the fulfillment of our wishes is of paramount importance. Then we desire for ourself that which appears attractive and develop attachment, we feel aversion for that which appears unattractive and develop anger, and we feel indifference toward that which appears neutral and develop ignorance. From these delusions all other delusions arise. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - “Eight Steps to Happiness” (via dancingdakini)
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Senait Gidey backstage at Ports 1961 Fall 2014 RTW

My fav @gracebol ~~~~<3